University of South Carolina

my Roles: Video board motion design, lighting, 
camera op (1 of 2), Player direction (1 of 2)

Collaborators: Michaiah Smith

Bts capture: 
josue hernandez 
mary-page mclaurin 
brodie perry

Fall media days are used to capture video and photo content that is used throughout the entire year. The main set piece for this years shoot was the LED video board that served as a backdrop. Tasked with leading the animation direction, I wanted to create a combination of multiple scenes without moving locations and heavily altering the lighting set up - as we had to shoot with nearly 100 players. There were three categories of animated backdrops that were designed:
1) Tunnels and perspective to create the illusion of depth 
2) A pulsating red backdrop that we could shoot directly against to create silhouettes 
3) Animated text that are tied with South Carolina and the football team With a variety of backdrop categories we are granted the ability to cut between shots of the same location without being too repetitive, and get more life out of our footage throughout the year.

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